The Rameau Project

I am excited to make a CD of all my favorite harpsichord pieces by Jean-Phillip Rameau.  The contents will be:

From the Nouvelle Suites (1728)
Les Soupirs
Gavotte et Doubles
La Poule

From the Pieces de Clavecin 
Les Tendre Plaintes
Les Niais de Sologne
Les Cyclops
Les Trios Mains


I am looking forward to knowing more about this composer who was the first person to describe the kind of tonal harmony we still use today.  I have a wealth of material to learn from.  Very few composers have written as much about music as Rameau.  Also he was famous in his day, so many well-known people like Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote about him.   Diderot even wrote a novel about him: Le Neveu de Rameau.

            The Well-Tempered Clavier CD that I made generated a CD with a booklet, which was too small for all I had to say.  The Goldberg Project generated two books and a CD, and I found out why I love music so much.  I cannot wait to see where this inclination of mine to play Rameau takes me.

            I calculate that the Rameau Project will require $4,800, because that is what The Goldberg Project ended up costing.  For The Goldberg Project I made about $3000 through donations and my performances.  My brother Guido Gaeffke invested this money and it earned on average 5.7% per year in a stock market most people avoided.  Therefore, I plan to invest everything with him that I earn for The Rameau Project.

The Rameau Project.