Support Recovery From Child Abuse.

 Although this website offers numerous opportunities to grow and heal through art, I want to make it possible for others less fortunate to find their own way of healing through psychotherapy.


    I felt severely limited and frightened even without knowing the full extend of the trauma I had experienced as an infant and small child.  It made it nearly impossible to perform or to do any job or task.  Now I know that I was hurting others, as well as myself, because I had experienced extreme abuse.  In the Goldberg and My Self, I explain how I found healthy ways to cope with my pain at the Center for Human Encouragement  In fact, with their help, I have become a joyous person who can function in society with enthusiasm and fearlessness.  This experience my husband and his mother gave to me. I would now like to give this gift to others who wish to change, but who do not have the support or the means. I have named this fund after the abused child I once was.  I plan to give a concert each September 5th in honor of this child, and give all the proceeds of the concert to this “Finchen Fund.” 

    “Finchen” is the German double diminutive of “Josephine.”    As a child my family not only diminished my name, they made feel worthless, weak, and stupid.  Whatever pain I complained of was always less than all they had suffered.    Through psychotherapy I have found that the diminished child was powerful. It had a powerful force within driving her to survive even the most revolting scenes of violence.  This force also drives me today to want to help myself and to help others to learn to live with great pain. 

    I chose to help others by helping Grace Harlow Klein, cofounder of the Center of Human Encouragement.  She is already helping countless people who have not the means to help themselves.  I have seen how she helped someone come out of the dark room they would hide in—trapped in their past—to be a loving teacher to little children.  I have seen her help that same person when she was suddenly with a handicapped partner and no means to support both herself and him.   Late at night when he suddenly had a stroke, Grace helped her get the medical and social services so that she eventually could start working again and support them both.  I have seen her give shelter at Center of Human Encouragement to many who cannot cope with the pain of their past and the challenges of functioning in society.  I have seen her always help them get back on their feet and find meaningful ways to support themselves.  She does not get paid for many of the people she helps.  I would like my fund to give her a salary for all this miraculous work she is volunteering to do.

    The money you donate will be invested with Guido Gaeffke, financial advisor at 1847Financial, so that it can grow rapidly.  I will use this blog to keep everybody updated on the investment and the Grace’s work at the Center for Human encouragement.